What makes a web-site be ready for an ICO

Alex Bond
Alex Bond
Jun 28, 2018 · 3 min read

Many people, whom I spoke recently, said that a web-site is the most important tool that you have in your ICO process. They claim that a good web-site will create an impression of your company, which would go way beyond to your current status and “home-office” environment. They promote an idea that you should have the one because otherwise you’re not that solid and professional. I believe that it’s only a part-truth because a great #ICO shall have much more than simply a web-site. But let’s check…

Web-site as a tool in ICO life plays different roles

  • Epicenter of the whole project life, where people come to see what happens with you, all your recent updates, etc.
  • Dashboard for your supporters. You see, when someone supports your ICO he/she wants to have a point of contact with you. Direct line I would say. Thus, as people often are busy, they used to go to a simple source in the web, which they trust and rely on
  • Promotion. If you know what you are up to, you can leverage your web-site in a much more natural way, simultaneously combining people around it and creating a rumor and community.
  • Anchor for your due diligence. If your supporters are smart enough (and they’re coming to this status), they will definitely check your web-site. And they will see everything what you want to (or accidentally) show them.
  • Revenue-generating stream. Well, it’s quite tricky, as web-site isn’t directly involved in the process of crowd-sourcing or crowd-funding. However, be ready that many people may face a moment when their web-site will be down due to intense DDos attack, etc.

Please don’t limit yourself on your web-site — start building your products, strategy, business plans, partnerships, communities and teams

With the moment when you’re approaching your x-date your web-site shall become less and less important for you. If you do your campaign good enough, thousands of people across the globe know who you are and where you are coming from. Your vision is so strong that people expect for your ICO date much more than you do. They can explain your idea, recent achievements, people standing behind with a passion and loyalty you would never expect to find. You would be a type of a person who goes to the World Football Cup, where millions of fans watch for every single move and listen to every single breath you make. Thus, if your campaign is a well-prepared, you would see that a web-site is a first step only and that the it’s just a first piece of a Chinese wall, and once you stepped — you move ahead, not thinking about what you left behind. Those who moved ahead do not care about the web-site anymore — they think about the value that you can bring to this world.

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