How to build a solid team: short story from the other side of your life (yes, that’s me)

Team is the bigger version of you, with more complete, complex functionality than your current version. just look at yourself as a bunch of cells, or some organs that working together as a team, with the vision is gather energy together and replicate as many as possible (growth? you spot on!), you and your team mates should have an agreed same vision to be conquered. then you can continue to the next checklist items, which are i resume them all below.

  1. be conscious that you are the alpha, so go find your beta first. this beta should have the skills that can cover your weakness. this beta IS NOT another alpha. you know the difference right? just leave another alpha to become your competitor, the person who will be defeated later by you.
  2. make sure your big vision can be divided into smaller ideas. since i love to initiate a small and solid team, i make it 3–4 big ideas from the bigger vision. and imagine type kind of person who can handle each of the idea.
    for example, i have one big idea, a vision, to open a unique restaurant, selling indomie (instant noodle) with secret ingredients so you as customer cannot find this kind of taste anyware outside my restaurant. 
    i will divide it into 3 main ideas based on the vision:
    - the resto would be a cozy place to hangout with friends and colleagues as well.
    - the taste of the noodle is something kickass you have never imagine before.
    - the word of mouth marketing is really slapping the market. slapping your momma’s arse!
    then, i will find my beta who can cover my weakness, which i think in the recipes creation, and if he/she has similar resto background would be perfect. i share my vision, i will make sure he/she will agree of it, and i will later complete the team with other needed team members.
  3. pick skill-growing-possible person over already-steady-skillful-expert one as a team member. we are talking about startup context. it’s that important so you can bond tightly with them on its way. your ‘future version of you’ will thanks the ‘current you’ later for this.
  4. know each of the team member’s horoscope zodiac, and profile them well. really, it’s true! you dont trust me? what kind of person are you not trusting zodiac, are you capricorn or sagittarius?
  5. preserve his/her ego, safe them from outer attack. make sure you cover the attack from outsiders with your own body.
  6. create a common enemy. for my team, our common enemy right now is the market. the potential members. we need to tame this with our correct product that can make the market happy because of it.
  7. anchoring. every success your team made (small tasks done, problem solved, bugs fixed, etc), anchor it with something one of the senses can sense. immediately. pizzas? burn scent? slap on the butt?
    for me, i choose to play the ‘Perfect day, Lou Reed’ song for the team.
  8. together with your team, laugh for stupidity done by other business companies, laugh it loud. but make sure your team learn a new lesson from it. and do it the same when it’s happen to your team as well.
  9. always test the team with difficult scenarios regularly. this is to make you as the leader more adaptive and keep updated on your team’s dynamics and your team’s latest situation.
  10. dont hold the one who is not happy. release them and make sure they will regret. unhappiness is a virus, it can be spread quickly. your team doesn’t deserve a virus.
The winning team (we said)

Bali, February 2017
Bondan Sentanu Mintardjo