The empty set

Nothing like mathematical abstraction

nothing. nothing at all.
Try to close your eyes and imagine nothing. Concentrate on it. It is difficult. The first association is death. But death is an individual thing. Everyone has his own death. If a person is afraid of dying, does that mean that he is afraid of nothing?

From the point of view of the scientific method of cognizing the world, we have no reason to believe that after death, life will continue somewhere else, for example, in another world. The scientific method explains how to imagine the infinity, the flow of time, the fourth dimension. Let’s find out from him what is nothing.

What is necessary to state the absence of something then it is so difficult to formalize? You need to check that there are no traces of this anywhere. You need to study every subset of the study area. The presence is always proved easier than the absence of this.

Maybe zero is nothing? Zero is the power of a set in which there are no elements. This is the power of an empty set. In any set there is a subset. For example, the set of natural numbers is a subset of the set of real numbers. The set is characterized by its power and the type of elements. Only one set does not have a type. This allows this set to be a subset of any other set. This is an empty set.

Empty set is contained in any other. The idea is that the empty set is a container in which you can put something. If we can put something there, then there is space and time. But in the true nothingness there can be nothing. In the true nothing there is neither time nor physical laws nor mathematical constants nor space. It means that in our universe there is no place for nothing. This is the problem. We always have a set of power zero in which you can put something. This is the only one nothing that our consciousness can imagine. We can not imagine another real world with another passage of time, physical laws and mathematical constants, we can not imagine their absence. Imagining complete darkness we can always imagine a ray of light, in absolute silence we can imagine the sound of a violin. Nothing that we can imagine is lacking anything in it. But then you can put something there. This is not true for an ideal nothing.

Then nothing has given birth to something. What was before our birth will be after our death. Nothing.

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