In the traditional way of wholesale supplying, the buyer knows nothing about the original supplier. Moreover, it is difficult to get the real time information of available stocks and prices. The aim of BondedPro is to provide distributors and buyers with complete details of stocks in Europe. BondedPro is a custom bonded warehouse storage company where best collection of duty free products in import and export among the Europe.

A custom bonded warehouse is a building or secured storage place where dutiable landed imports are stored for re-export. BondedPro is the European based custom bonded warehouse storage company where FMCG branded dutiable products are stored for trading. BondedPro deals in importing and exporting FMCG branded products.

Custom Bonded Warehouse Storage Company

Goods on sale of which no tax is payable. Enjoy duty & tax free shopping with BondedPro. Shopping online for Duty Free products is now just a click away. BondedPro is a UK based bonded Warehouse which is under bond to the government where you get direct suppliers stock. You can visit our trade website —

BondedPro - The Real Source

BondedPro is retail online outlet to Shop duty-free items like liquor, tobacco products (rolling tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco), branded perfumes, drinks, cosmetics, bottled water etc. Now you shop online without paying any tax. All products are tax-free.

BondedPro is a leading warehouse storage company which came into existence when three next-door warehouses pool together to expand the business in UK and create an online store for their prospective buyers. BondedPro is one of the best local distributor of duty-free products which provides top-rated wines, spirits, beer, sod0o provides Bottled water delivery services in UK.

BondedPro — The Real Source

BondedPro is a WAREHOUSE STORAGE COMPANY. Our current stock: Drinks,Cosmetics, Fragrances & Tobacco. Now Shop in bulk by visiting our website

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