Mississippi is one of only four states — the others are Alabama, Georgia
When School Feels Like Jail
The Marshall Project

Interestingly enough, these states were all in the top ten, ranked by homicide rate in 2014. Texas was 23rd, but that’s still in the top 50%.

By institutionalizing assault against minors in innocuous adolescent language like cookies or whooping, dispensed liberally in response to marginally undesirable behavior in an effort to stop the small stuff, the resulting violently chaotic environment conditions students to consider aggravated assault a valid and natural response to behavior they might find undesirable.

All four states support homicide as an appropriate response to severely undesirable behavior, marketed to the general public under the brand Capital Punishment, they are teaching students the correct answer to life’s next pop quiz might be filling a bubble in completely with a number .22 pistol. In other words: the big stuff.

In the sense I get from this article, the educational system is successful in its mission to impart life-long lessons that deeply impact students and prepare them for the challenges they will face in the real world.

A word problem:

Your shift at ACME Industries starts at 9:00. You arrive at 9:10. The office manager cites company policy on tardiness, bends you over the printer and flogs you with a wooden paddle 3–5 times. Do you:

A) Immediately go to your desk and work.
B) Call the police.
C) Murder everyone in the office.
D) Not accept employment there in the first place.

Please outline the answer with chalk and fully erase any stray truths.