About one month ago, Stefan Huber my friend and my teammate in LIGADIGITAL noticed that we have a lot of technology discussions in our company. He suggested an idea to record these discussions and make a podcast out of that.

We called our podcast Webkessel and it’s one hour long. It’s a type of podcast where we don’t spend too much time on making edits or filters just like the difference between Snapchat & Instagram. we just record our discussion and publish it :). Special Thanks for developdude for the editing, recording and publishing.

The Episode

It was about FrondEnd Frameworks mainly…

Create your CV, brand yourself & hunt your dream job

You are a fresh graduate who wants to find a challenging job. You have your job but you want to trade it for a job in a startup. You are passionate about ideas, rockstar teams and creating the next big thing. Today I will share my experience about finding new awesome jobs. I always spend a lot of time in finding which companies should I apply for and why? What are these websites that help me reach these jobs and companies

First, lets talk about CVs. I am not a…

Laravel 4 is one of the most incredible PHP frameworks aims to make the development process a pleasing one for the developer without sacrificing application functionality

  • Introduction
  • Package Resources
  • Top Packages


Laravel 4 has been built from the ground up to work with Composer. Each of the components of the framework are actually individual dependencies that are brought together under one roof. This makes switching out components incredibly easy.

List of Laravel Package Resources

List of Top Laravel Packages

Sublime Text 3 AKA “ST3″ is one of The most awesome text editor in 2013 :

  • Why Sublime ?!
  • Packages & Snippets ?!
  • Settings & Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Why Sublime ?!

Sublime Text 3 is a FREE text editor used by most of developers now!! besides IDE’s aren’t bloated, slow nor only for a certain portion of the OS’s out there. Sublime Text 2 is the way to go

it has a lot of cool features like:

  1. Goto Anything : access any file in your project within seconds!!
  2. Multiple Selections : Multiple cursor, selection & change all selected text at the same time
  3. Command Palette : holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting…

I was an Asp.Net Developer Before Starting Php , One of the Best Concepts in Asp.Net is the Master page which simplify working with our views by adding a common layout for all pages

Then I Found out that the layout divided into header , footer , sidebar which are constant in design all over the website just differs in content and the main content which differs according to the requested URL

Here’s a Link to the Master Page Library that’s help in that task with simple and less Code

1. Configuration :

  • sub_path : The path of your view…

One of my worst Nightmares , To find an IDE or Editor that rapids the development of CodeIgniter Framework as its one of the best MVC Pattern framworks and its easy to learn , deploy

I had installed too many IDEs and finally found that NetBeans, PhpDesigner and Komodo Edit are the best with some issuses

1. Netbeans : has a problem with Arabic support (fonts and direction of text) : doesn’t have a built-in FTP support : Use Many Resources (RAM)

2. PhpDesigner : Expensive : Doesn’t Support Code Folding

3. Komodo Edit : Some parse Errors when file…

A bunch of links to books, videos, etc for learning Laravel4 . This list is in its early stages. Feel free to Comment if you have some links/resources to add.

Books :

Videos :

Originally published at on August 18, 2013.

Application architecture is a headache for software engineers and refactoring the code is a heavy task. In this post we will look at the most used architecture by engineers and I will explain my point of view about how to architect your web application to serve business logic changes easily

The Three tier architecture is the dominant architecture when it comes to web development and it’s composed of

1.Data access layer: which provides simplified access to data stored in persistent storage of some kind

2.Business Logic Layer : encodes the real-world business rules

3. Presentation Layer : contains the components…


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