A Podcast Episode (FrontEnd Frameworks)


About one month ago, Stefan Huber my friend and my teammate in LIGADIGITAL noticed that we have a lot of technology discussions in our company. He suggested an idea to record these discussions and make a podcast out of that.

We called our podcast Webkessel and it’s one hour long. It’s a type of podcast where we don’t spend too much time on making edits or filters just like the difference between Snapchat & Instagram. we just record our discussion and publish it :). Special Thanks for developdude for the editing, recording and publishing.

The Episode

It was about FrondEnd Frameworks mainly emberJS, reactJS+redux (what are currently used inside our team), but also we talked about backboneJS, MarionetteJS and AngularJS in small notes.

The discussion started with how we can differentiate between frameworks and libraries, what are the “pros&cons” of using one of them. We moved to the evolution in ember V2.0 . Next was the two way bindings and the uni-directional data flow, etc…

My personal experience

At the Beginning, I hesitated whether to join or not, then I decided to take part as I liked the topic, when we started recording I was a bit nervous “my first recording” but once we started the discussion I forgot about the mic and felt like our daily normal discussion in the team

Now, I feel better and more confident as I broke the ice with recording, I am also thinking of recording more or even applying as a speaker in an event.

One last word

Do everything you feel afraid to do.

Thanks, hope you like it

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