CodeIgniter Autocomplete for IDEs

One of my worst Nightmares , To find an IDE or Editor that rapids the development of CodeIgniter Framework as its one of the best MVC Pattern framworks and its easy to learn , deploy

I had installed too many IDEs and finally found that NetBeans, PhpDesigner and Komodo Edit are the best with some issuses

1. Netbeans : has a problem with Arabic support (fonts and direction of text) : doesn’t have a built-in FTP support : Use Many Resources (RAM)

2. PhpDesigner : Expensive : Doesn’t Support Code Folding

3. Komodo Edit : Some parse Errors when file contains (html,css,php) together : FTP Client Hangs while Downloading or Uploading files

Now I am with Komodo Edit

For Codeigniter AutoComplete Its a Simple task but its hard to find

Here is the steps

1. Go to {codeigniter folder}/system/core/Controller.php 2. In the PHPDoc For the Class add the Following Lines

* @property CI_DB_active_record $db * @property CI_DB_forge $dbforge * @property CI_Benchmark $benchmark * @property CI_Calendar $calendar * @property CI_Cart $cart * @property CI_Config $config * @property CI_Controller $controller * @property CI_Email $email * @property CI_Encrypt $encrypt * @property CI_Exceptions $exceptions * @property CI_Form_validation $form_validation * @property CI_Ftp $ftp * @property CI_Hooks $hooks * @property CI_Image_lib $image_lib * @property CI_Input $input * @property CI_Language $language * @property CI_Loader $load * @property CI_Log $log * @property CI_Model $model * @property CI_Output $output * @property CI_Pagination $pagination * @property CI_Parser $parser * @property CI_Profiler $profiler * @property CI_Router $router * @property CI_Session $session * @property CI_Sha1 $sha1 * @property CI_Table $table * @property CI_Trackback $trackback * @property CI_Typography $typography * @property CI_Unit_test $unit_test * @property CI_Upload $upload * @property CI_URI $uri * @property CI_User_agent $user_agent * @property CI_Validation $validation * @property CI_Xmlrpc $xmlrpc * @property CI_Xmlrpcs $xmlrpcs * @property CI_Zip $zip

3. Save File and Reload Project * Note You Can add any Custom Library , Model as follows [@property {Class_Name} {Object_Name} ] , it will be autocompleted

Originally published at on May 1, 2012.