How to Hunt Startup Jobs

Create your CV, brand yourself & hunt your dream job

You are a fresh graduate who wants to find a challenging job. You have your job but you want to trade it for a job in a startup. You are passionate about ideas, rockstar teams and creating the next big thing. Today I will share my experience about finding new awesome jobs. I always spend a lot of time in finding which companies should I apply for and why? What are these websites that help me reach these jobs and companies

First, lets talk about CVs. I am not a CV expert but I used a website called cvmkr which helped me a lot in creating my initial template for my CV. I Logged in via LinkedIn. Then, the website grabed my information and putted it inside my selected template. After that, I exported my CV as HTML version. As a Web Developer I started playing around with the CSS and HTML with the help of my friend Zero. Until I got convinced with my CV and then pushed it to my github personal page. Finally, I used chrome to get an elegant PDF version with some media queries.

Now I have got a good CV (from my perspective) what’s the next step ?! its the online presence in the community local and worldwide but how to achieve that ?!!

Github I am not a famous Software Engineer that can make a great repo that will get a lot of stars or forks?! Ok no problem just push to github everything you experimented with and has a meaning. One day you will make a good one or contribute to a famous one.

Twitter follow popular accounts in your field and make a list to read their articles. Try to ask them and suggest something to them. Don’t feel shy, don’t underestimate yourself and start retweeting thier tweets. As for me I’m using Feedly to collect, read and share beside twitter.

Personal Blog am I a good Blogger ?! my article maybe not good enough?! that’s ok as you see my articles are not that good too but no one becomes a professional from the beginning. If your article helped only one person that’s enough. It’s all about practicing till you be good at it.

LinkedIn Of Course we all have an account but try to increase the details in your account, endorsements and Recommendations. Share also your hobbies and volunteering stuff because they really matter.

Now we have the CV and the online presence, How to find a Job ?!

LinkedIn Use the advanced search to find a job in your dream country within your field, try to see the suggested ones to your selection . Apply through the company’s website because it’s better than linked apply button ;)

Slack@work Companies located in USA that use slack — a great tool for team management.

Stackoverflow One of the best to get a job in Europe or USA and it’s always up to date.

Berlin-Startups : this site is perfect for anyone who wants to join a startup in Germany

work-In-Startups : this site is good if you want to join startups in Europe. Mostly in UK.

darwin-recruitment : Switzerland one. I got it from my swiss friend Christoph.

Startup-Jobs-asia : you want to join a startup in Asia, apply here now. The market in Asia started to grow big and it’s easy to join.

Of course there are a lot of other jobs websites but these were the most effective for me .


Trust in yourself and share everything. You don’t need to be perfect with thousands of followers.
Apply for every job that fits you. If you got rejected, it’s Ok because you got the interview experience which is something important. Knowing the reason of your rejection is a motive to work more on yourself.

I hope that my article was good and helpful.

Happy New Year.

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