Sublime Text 3 : The Ultimate Text Editor

Sublime Text 3 AKA “ST3″ is one of The most awesome text editor in 2013 :

  • Why Sublime ?!
  • Packages & Snippets ?!
  • Settings & Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Why Sublime ?!

Sublime Text 3 is a FREE text editor used by most of developers now!! besides IDE’s aren’t bloated, slow nor only for a certain portion of the OS’s out there. Sublime Text 2 is the way to go

it has a lot of cool features like:

  1. Goto Anything : access any file in your project within seconds!!
  2. Multiple Selections : Multiple cursor, selection & change all selected text at the same time
  3. Command Palette : holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax & changing the indentation settings. With just a few keystrokes, you can search for what you want
  4. Side by Side Editing: Split Screen into Multiple Files and work with both , find Diffs and much more…
  5. Minimap: is a fantastic tool. It gives you an at a glance overview of the file you’re looking at. If you’re searching for something within the file, you can see the phrase highlighted in the Minimap

and of Course the normal features Supported by others like:

  1. Auto-Completion
  2. Code Folding
  3. Highlighting
  4. Snippets
  5. Goto Line & Defination

and many other features….

2. Packages & Snippets ?!

One of the key features in sublime is the Packages where you will find a lot of

  • Helpful Snippets
  • Colorfull Thems & Color Shcemes
  • Powerfull Plugins

The best source of these packages is Sublime Community Packages where you can install these packages through Package Control or Git & Github repositories Top Plug-in Packages ( Php Developers ) :

Top Snippet Packages ( Php Developers ) :

and Here We will find list of Sublime Themes & Color Shemes

3. Settings & Keyboard Shortcuts ?!

  • Sublime ( Settings — Shortcuts ) are in json format files , can easily be changed
  • Sublime has a lot of default settings and u can override them easily through “Preferences -> Settings-User”
  • Sublime has a lot of default shortcuts and u can override them easily through “Preferences -> Key Bindings-User”

and here’s a list of all Sublime Shortcuts for OSX & windows

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