Over 1,000 interviews later, I can help….

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Over the course of my almost 13 years in people leadership, I’ve had the privilege to hire for multiple roles on my own team. I’ve also had the chance to conduct interviews on behalf of my peers who are seeking a new employee. In addition to this, I’ve spent countless hours mentoring individuals who are seeking a career change or new role.

All of these experiences and conversations with people at a pivotal point in their career search have given me some important insight on how to help you not completely fail the interview process. …

Stop waiting. Start doing.

As a leader I have heard the grumblings for years. Individual contributors, people managers, and employees with years of experience in various fields all feel the same way. They want someone to tell them what to do to get promoted. Unfortunately, there is not a perfect blueprint for how to grow and develop your career. If it were that simple, there would be a manual written that everyone could follow with perfect steps on the ladder chain.

“Your career is a jungle gym,” once said the former CEO of my company, referring to the fact that there is not a ladder. Growth in your career is about being able to select multiple paths that include upward growth, sideways growth, and even taking a step back when applicable to get ahead in the years to come. The jungle gym quote refers to the concept that growth can come in all forms, even getting off the ladder altogether. …

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In an early November 2019 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks kicker Jason Myers missed an extra point and two field goals. …


Scott Bond

Scott Bond has 12+ years of experience leading sales & customer service teams for media and tech companies. Learn more at www.linkedin.com/in/scottbondseattle

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