Did you know vue-cli can do more than just boostraping?
Guillaume CHAU

…I didn’t. Having picked up Vue to play around with it, I struggled to find useful information about the CLI in the official documentation. There’s a section on “production builds”, but I was looking for “development workflow” or the like.

But it occurs to me after reading the OP’s article, the documenation is suggesting I pull in my dependencies from a CDN for development? Or something? This is so far removed from the reality of building frontend apps, I ignored it!

And like the OP, I wasn’t sure why the CLI was asking me about the “template” I wanted to use, or which one I should pick.

Anyhow — I got frustrated and gave up. I probably won’t be trying Vue again until these workflow & documentation issues are addressed.

(What does the Vue CLI bring to the table that a Yeoman generator couldn’t? Why does it exist?)

Hope this feedback is useful!

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