The Oppressed

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list but, in a very general sense, North American black people feel oppressed by white people, First Nations people feel oppressed by white Eurpoeans, Muslim people feel oppressed by Westerners, Palestinians feel oppressed by Israel, and Israel feels oppressed by the entire middle east, and pockets of everywhere throughout the rest of the world, the Irish feel oppressed by the Brits, Ukrainians feel oppressed by Russia, Russia feels oppressed by the US, North Korea feels oppressed by the rest of the world (and the North Koreans feel oppressed by North Korea!), South African black people feel oppressed by white South African people. Back here, the white people are feeling increasingly oppressed by everyone as their majority slips away, and rich Donald Trump feels oppressed by ‘the system’. And the cast of Hamilton. And likely that pesky lawsuit that forced him to spend $25 million to settle in order to keep his alleged fraud in the background.

So everyone knows what it feels like to be oppressed, to be vilified for something you don’t really have any control over (your skin color, your heritage, your nationality etc) and which is really nobody’s business anyway. And again, the list of oppressed is far greater than this.

Well if we all know what it feels like to be oppressed, and none of us like it, why don’t we just stop? Why can’t we find it in each of us to realize how pointless it is to be the oppressor, how maddening it is to be the oppressed, how perpetuating it is for us to do it but not want it done to us. And with so much of this done in the name of religion, shouldn’t everyone already be familiar with the concept of ‘Do Unto Others….’?

At the end of the day we all want the same thing. Is ‘rising above it all’ just too much to ask of human nature at this point?