Hip Joint Replacement Surgery— Know it from the best in Noida.

The implant used in Hip Joint Replacement

Hip joint replacement is one of the most common replacement surgery performed now a days. I commonly perform this hip joint replacement surgery in noida.

Hip joint is a complex structure, having a ball and socket like appearance. Once damaged, its really tricky to preserve the bone.

Why does the need arise for a hip joint replacement surgery?

  1. Damaged hip joint (accidental injury)
  2. Fall in the slippery bathroom is surprisingly the most common cause of damaged hip in elderly.
  3. Avascular necrosis — A condition in which, the blood supply of the hip joint is cut off thus making the bone dead and non-functional.
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  5. Osteoarthritis of hip joint
  6. Any condition that caused hip pain and is hampering the activity of the patient.

How the hip joint replacement surgery is performed?

Hip joint replacement surgery involves these main steps:

  1. Removal of damaged bone — The joint ends are reshaped by removing the damaged portion of the bone so that the artificial joint can get fitted easily.
  2. Fitting the Artificial joint implant — The artificial implants are then fitted inside the space created. The socket and the hip joint both are fitted with the metal alloy implant. A spacer is also applied between them to ensure free movement.
  3. Movement check — The smooth movement of the joint is then ensured so that the patient can have a faster and uneventful recovery.

The hip joint replacement surgery takes about 1 to 2 hours. The patient will be up and about in just 3 weeks.

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