Knee joint replacement surgery — Everything you need to know from an orthopedic surgeon.

Knee Joint Replacement

Knee Joint replacement is not an uncommon surgery now a days. Being a knee Joint replacement surgeon myself, I understand the queries and fears of my patients very well. As I practice in the heart of the city Noida,Up, India. I get patients from all parts of India and abroad as well.

They all want the best knee replacement surgeon to do their surgery. Not just that, they have many queries and fears in their mind. By writing this article, I am trying to answer all the queries that the patients mostly have in their mind and as a result want to curb their fear.

Query 1. Will you take out my knee joint and fix an artificial one?

Answer. No, We don’t. We just shave the rough edges of your bone and fix the metal caps over them. These metal caps then take the load off your knee joint and gives you relief in pain. They also provide you a freedom to do all the activities that you want.

Query 2. How much time will the whole surgery take?

Answer. The whole surgery will take around 1 hour.

Query 3. Till how many days will I be hospitalized?

Answer. You will be hospitalized for about 3 to 5 days.

Query 4. When will I be able to walk after surgery?

Answer. You will stand up with support the very next day after surgery and will be able to walk with support within a few days.

Query 5. when will I be able to walk independently?

Answer. you will walk without any support within 3 weeks depending upon your age and condition.

Query 6. What activities will be restricted for life?

Answer. No activities will be restricted. You can walk, climb stairs, sit the way you want and whatever you like to do! Jumping is avoided in early phases of recovery.

Query 7. Can I see what exactly will you do in the knee replacement surgery?

Answer. Go to this youtube video link to know more about the knee replacement surgery in noida done by me. (Dr Sumit Badhwar).

That’s all for now. If you have any queries regarding the joint replacement or any other bone ailment then please click here to know more about knee joint replacement!