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Chris Deerin

wrt Trump’s national socialism: The socialist ‘march through our institutions’ began in the early 1800’s. It was led by christian socialists. Thomas Paine was an early example of that breed of ideologue. Yes. Thomas Paine was a socialist. He was also involved in the French Revloution, but ended up on the wrong (socialist) side of a three-way civil war.

The Progressive Era was led by Republicans during the 1880’s -1910’s. Every Republican since has been a progressive, especially compared to their peers in the rest of the nineteenth century.

Political ideologies shifted to the left — again — in today’s parlance, by the time of the Wilson administration. Wilson was a socialist elitist. His policies and efforts led us into WWI, in spite of the will of the American people and their protests to stay out of it.

A few decades later, FDR came along. He was another socialist. (Yes, his shirt-tail relative Teddy was a ‘progressive’ socialist, too.) FDR loaded the Supremes with fellow travelers and socialists. The Congress was also dominated by socialists and fellow travelers. FDR’s economic and foreign policies led directly to the Japanese bombardment of Hawaii. His decision to offer material support to the EU and Britain led to our involvement in the war in Europe. Again, the people of America initially wanted to avoid any involvement in the war. FDR spent a bundle on propaganda to convince the US to go to war, then sent civilian ships into harm’s way, hoping they’d get blown to smithereens, so that he could manipulate the American public.

In short, WWII wasn’t a fight for freedom, It was a fight over which brand of national socialism dominated the 20th century. America won that war, as you well know. But we were a national socialist country when we won.

During the 1960’s and ‘70’s, our political ideologies shifted ‘left’, again. The Democrats took on the mantle of Marx and the Republicans that of Mussolini and Germany’s NAZI party.

Compare Mussolini’s “The Doctrine of Socialism” with the conservatives and Republicans of America, today.

Also, compare the Democrats and liberals of America today with “The Communist Manifesto”

Freedom left America over a hundred years ago. Everything you’ve been taught is a lie.

The national anthem? ‘Enacted’ by Hoover, a progressive/socialist Republican. (He was more conservative than his peers, but that’s not saying much.)

The Pledge of Allegiance? It was written by Frank Bellamy, a christian socialist, and ‘enacted’ by FDR and his socialist dominated Congress. It is a pledge to support the state in all things. It is not a pledge to support The Constitution or personal liberty.

The Democrats, of course, are Marxists. I blame that on the Soviets and the Maoists. They had very efficient and competent spies and propagandists, back in the day. The original blame, of course, lies with the Hamiltonian federalists. Their authoritarianism set the stage for what we now endure.

As for ideal and perfect presidential candidates? Thomas Jefferson isn’t available, and rumor has it that jesus is busy preparing for an invasion of earth.

Under communism, everyone suffers, except a few elitists. There will also be a comprehensive, block by block, house by house ideological purge. Under fascism, I might, mebbe, survive the internal purge. There’s always a purge under fascism, but generally, it’s less comprehensive or extensive than under communism..

So… if I have to make a choice between fascism and Marxism, I’ll take fascism each and every time. …and I think Trump is the best fascist in the race.


“When fascism comes to America, it will not be in brown and black shirts. It will not be with jack-boots. It will be Nike sneakers and Smiley shirts … Germany lost the Second World War. Fascism won it. Believe me, my friend.”
-George Carlin
Real Time with Bill Maher, September 9, 2005

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