Well, this is awkward

To: Rachel Langham
From: Laurence William Grange, Director MoI Office of Censors
Disposal: Incinerate [0] days after delivery mark
Subject: Well, this is awkward

I tried to turn it down, Rachel, you have to believe me. I really thought they were going to sack me… again. They came in all serious and official — you remember? Just before Wintergod kicked in — with everyone else about to head off for their parties and last minute shopping? And there was Uncle Philip and someone from the Old Man’s office both looking like they were going to throw me out into the snow.

You’ve had my back all along and don’t think I don’t know it. You weren’t the easiest boss. You were often direct with me — bloody rude actually — but it’s what I needed. I was a fuck up. Even my father said it. Especially my father, actually. You turned me round. You taught me so much and I know I’m still not ready.

So I said to them, “you have to give it to Rachel Langham. She has the experience. This is her job.” Believe me. Those exact words. But then Uncle Philip told me they’d just bring in someone else from one of the families. So, I suppose this might be for the best. Who knows who they’d set up as director if not me?

Here’s what I think. We should just carry on as before. You’re in charge as far as I’m concerned. Obviously, in the office, we’ll have to observe the proprieties — but we never really stand on ceremonies anyway. Yes, yes.. I know — horrible cliche. See the effect you have had on me already? In these messages, at least, you’ll be the boss and I’ll always be the student.

Don’t give up on me, Rachel. Please!

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