Why do I take photos?

“Why do you take photos?” Is a loaded question that I get asked whenever someone sees me with a camera and there is more than one answer to that. For me a camera is a diary that captures every moment from our childhood, to the day we grow old.

When I take photos I preserve memories. Moments are fleeting and time passes quickly, have you ever been in an party and you never took any photos and you hear all your friends talking about it and showing off their photos? Have you ever seen a moment worth capturing while travelling and you never took it? I always love capturing moments to help me learn and for the future use, it can be to show my kids how we lived when we were young, where I went,all the fun we had and all that we learned.

There are images that can transport you to a different time and place which make you remember a moment or they tell you a story, I love using my camera to tell stories that people relate too and want to see and also that I want to remember so take out you phone/camera and capture every minute in your life.