Could you share some good podcasts to me? And where can I find high quality podcasts? Thanks!
Steve Ng

Sure, I noticed while I was listening some of the podcasts I was listening to are no longer being actively maintained, but they would still have the historical episodes. Basically, I found anything related to JavaScript, React, or software engineering.

  • JavaScript Jabber
  • JavaScript Air
  • React 30
  • React Podcast
  • Software Engineering Daily
  • The Changelog
  • FullStack Radio
  • Code Newbie
  • Learn to Code with Me Podcast

Those are some that come to mind right now… there are a lot, I would recommend searching around and listen to what you find engaging and useful. There’s too much to listen to all of it! Try to focus on what you find productive for your own learning style.

One of the biggest benefits I gained from podcasts is that for me they were a window into the views of professional developers and the community. This really helped me get a sense of what the market is like, how technologies are perceived, etc. — subtle details that normally would be only learned through experience.