Why Should I become a Certified Hero ? & The Death by Certification

“ Take a test at any local branch of the Hero Association.

If you score better than the cut-off, you will be registered in the Hero Registry and will be allowed to officially call yourself a ‘hero’

Once you are recognized by the Association, you are deemed a pro and will get paid from donations collected by the Association.

All heroes in public eye are registered, professional heroes.

You may be doing plenty of hero work, but self-proclaimed heroes are really just weirdos… weirdos spouting nonsense viewed with suspicion.

Once you are recognized by the organization”

The one punch man is a superhero who has an uncanny ability to beat any villain with just one punch. Reminds me of bruce lee’s infamous “one inch punch” but there is something more interesting to this comic. The super hero does not seem to have any idea about how he gets these amazing super powers of his. He firmly believes that it is due to his 100 push ups, 100 squats and running for 10 kms everyday without a break for three years, made him a super hero with the ability to punch every super villain in the world and the outer world into bits and pieces with one punch.

What’s more interesting is his speed, with all the flaws in character — there is something more interesting to this super hero.


After a while - he realizes that nobody seems to care about him. Though he seems to extinguish all the super villains nobody seems to know his name and he is less popular than the super hero Mumen Rider — whose only super power is riding a Bicycle. The Bald Super hero also happens to acquire a super talented Cyborg Disciple — who is more of a hero than anyone could ever be — but that does not pique the interest of our one punch man — whose only concern is to become a super hero. He leads a particularly reclusive sub-urban life style — with no real concern in life except for food, shelter and super hero stuff.

He rants to his disciple about his inability to become a super hero after trying extremely hard to become one and losing all his hair during the process. His Disciple then tells him about the Super Hero Organization and how to become a certified super hero — by giving standardized tests to prove the same.

The first few lines are from the website that offers Super Hero Certifications!

It is at this point that the anime stuck a chord with me.

I write code, but people don’t recognize my ability to code unless I get a certificate that says the same.

I am pretty good at english but unfortunately I fought a losing battle with an old man, who asked me to get GRE, GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL scores to prove that I really knew English. The fact that I was speaking good English with him did not seem to matter at all.

I also happen to be good in Finance with MBA, but nope — people don’t seem to give a dump about you or your past or your super hero abilities — all they care about is a certificate that says that you are super hero.

Certification seems to have become more prominent.

I laughed hysterically for a minute at the plight of the One Punch Man. Who was invincible with his punches — killed every single villain with only one punch but the world did not care! Because he is not Certified.

We live in a weird world. A world that is blind to facts that cannot prove themselves. I for once, take pity on such a world that refuses to believe anything at all unless proven.

The burden of proof is shifted to the one trying to make a claim in any argument. I would start an argument that I flew around the sun a hundred times before I ate breakfast today. When I make such a claim it would be my duty to prove it too. I should have take a selfie or two — to prove the fact. But the logical option is that it is I who needs to prove it.

Please do not that this does not seem to apply to GOD. The people who claim GOD always ask people who don’t believe in GOD to prove that GOD does not exist.

The interviewer thus reserves the right to ask you to prove your skill sets. The sad part is that the interviewer does not want to waste his time by conducting useless experiments — i.e. testing. You are expected to take standardized tests — prove that you do know something and then come back with the necessary proofs that you indeed know something.

So now the process of learning has two different aspects.


If the One Punch Man can do it then so can you — So get certified ASAP