Just gotta sudden thought in the mind and thought to scribble-up few words on it.

Starting up with, I have few questions to ask. Just think of yesterday,recollect how you lived yesterday. How many people did you smile at? How many times you said a ‘thank you’ to someone who helped you? How many people did you extend your help? How many times you kissed your kids? How many times you hugged your life partner? How many times you quarreled-up with some-one? How many people did you shout at?

Stop thinking now. Lemme ask you something. Do you wanna go back and live yesterday again? Do you think you wanna kiss the kids once more? Do you think you wanna be with your friends for another hour? Do you think you wanna speak to your mom and dad for more time?

You definitely want to. We are sure that we cant go back to past and do all that. So, all that we can do is to live each day to full. Live each day as its your last day. Smile at all people you see,all who comes up in contact with you. Help the most number of people around you.Our life here is too short. We have counted hours to go. In fact we all are in a countdown to death,ain’t we ?. I have heard many people saying that i shouldn’t have done that,done this at that time. Why should we live in regrets about past? We should live today, in the present. Love the people with you. Keep all around you happy, let it be your parents, girlfriend, partner, kids or even a shopkeeper you talk with. At the end of day, when you crawl-up on to your bed and look back at the day make sure you never wanna walk back. This in-turn helps you when you breathe your last gulp of air. You can keep smiling at that time too.

Live life to the fullest, with no regrets and no apologies for the past. Live now, for this hour this second. Live and enjoy every millisecond of your life so that we can Live, Love and Revive.

Kisses & Hugs,

Impish boy.

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