Oh, Boot camp! Experience so far

There is no denying it.

Boot camp has been exhilarating so far. Yesterday, I got to meet my new teammates. Wonderful guys, who during the day, were always available to assist each other figure out our activities for the day.

The boot camp started off with learning about the Growth Mindset and Seeking Feedback. Following the ASK model of giving feedback, we learnt how we can offer Actionable, Specific and Kind feedback. As well, the lectures stressed on how to respond to feedback. Philip Newman, the teacher, stressed that regardless of who is giving the feedback, we should always ensure that we “separate the Message from the Messenger”. Is there anything to take away from their critiquing, however harsh they may be?

As the clock ticked away, we went on to learn more about Version Control, Git and polishing up on our front-end development from the pre-interview challenge. Thrilling.

Then Day 2 comes. From the get-go, it was fast-paced. Setting up Flask, a python micro-framework, had its share of challenges. Seeing the first “Hello World” Flask application was fulfilling.

Integrating Pylint, a tool for checking for errors in Python code, was not in the least an easy fete but at the end, it felt great to have learnt something new. Now I am better positioned to write standard Python code in the boot camp and beyond! What kept me going was the support group I had. The team members and our facilitator were always available to give guidance and feedback.

If you believe you can’t and if you believe you can, either way you are right.

Now onto the next, no doubt thrilling, challenge!

Carpe diem!