Advantages of Reusable Menstrual Cup over the Traditional Menstrual Products

Before we look at the many advantages of lunette menstrual cup that has become a household name today, how about we look at what this cup is in the first place. It is a very flexible, sanitary cup designed to be inserted into the vagina during that time of the month. The cup is designed to collect the monthly blood flow, so it can be disposed in a hygienic manner.

Unlike other sanitary products such as pads or tampons, the cup collects and not absorbs, making it much more hygienic. You can use your reusable menstrual cup throughout your monthly cycle, only that if your flow is quite heavy you will be forced to change it more often to avoid leakages. Typically, though, you only need to remove the cup and rinse it every 12 hours, then insert it back in.

Notable advantages of Lunette Menstrual Cup

Very hygienic with no odor — If you are concerned about the typical menstrual odor that often comes with pads and tampons during that time of the month, you might want to look at the menstrual cup more closely. Because the fluid is not exposed unlike with tampons and pads, it means there is very little, if any, odor that emanates from your body.

Affordable — lunette menstrual cup is made for long-term use, sometimes lasting several years when maintained under hygienic conditions. It needs no mentioning that the initial cost of purchase can never compare to the monthly recurrent costs of buying tampons or pads every month. Because they are reusable, it means there is no need to buy afresh every new month.

Safe for the environment — If you are concerned about filling the landfill with pads and tampons, you might want to look closely at the reusable menstrual cups. The fact that they are reusable means you will not be disposing them to the waste every 4–14 days of the month as is always the case with tampons or pads. It is important to mention that some cups are designed to be disposable after every use, so be sure you are buying a reusable lunette menstrual cup if you are looking for long-term cups for menstrual flow.

Reduced visits to the store or pharmacy — you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night just to rush to the pharmacy because your periods came when you least expected them. At the very least, the reusable menstrual cups means you have 11 fewer trips you will make to the pharmacy in a typical year. How convenient can that be? This justifies the huge popularity of a reusable menstrual cup today.

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