A Dream Come True

One best thing about travelling is, making your dreams come true.

My trip to Tagaytay, Philippines was a gem to treasure. I experienced the things that I never experience before and I have seen a place that I never seen before. The place, Nurture Spa (www.nurturewellnessvillage.com) was filled with romance, beauty, loveliness, exquisiteness, friendliness, easiness and perfection. You may say that this is too much but for me it is the fact, the reality.

I can still feel the fragrance of the place, the aroma of tranquility. The immense feeling of having someone scrubs and massages you perfectly and gracefully. The great feeling of seeing the nature, the butterflies sucking the sweet buds of flowers and the fresh and green grasses along your steps. Imagine the fogs over the mountains and zigzag roads with falling waters. Horses and cows along your way. Aside from its fresh and clean air, the most beautiful ingredient of the place is the alluring nature accompanied by charming people with their sweet smiles and friendly faces. Wow!!!! What a great place to stay!!!

Three days of staying there made my dream come true and I counted this experience as one of the best memoirs of my existence.

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