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NFT Bonk Minter

BONK NFT Minter 👀💥🔨

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to announce that our long awaited NFT token minter is now available! You can now create your own NFTs right from the BONK website!

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The NFTs that are generated are single erc721’s

1 BONK + Ethereum gas to mint


  • 50% will be StakeDropped to users who are staking BONK
  • 25% are used for metadata storage costs
  • 25% for future development

Any 721 NFTs in your metamask wallet will be automatically shown on the BONK website underneath the minter.

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“Wen Minter” What’s next for BONK?

adding more variations of NFTS for our minter, including 1155s & other forms. NFT farming too. Our Roadmap on the site is updated!

I have a lot planned for the next few months, thanks again for being the absolute best community!




Seal Ze

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💧💧💧Liquidity Event #2💧💧💧

Hey everyone!

I thought it would be a great idea to help smaller holders get some of the NFT action. Introducing another BONK liquidity rewards program! With a smaller BONK amount entry.

💦Requirements to enter:

Provide, at minimum, 500 BONK tokens to liquidity with equivalent ETH

Provide liquidity for, at minimum, 2 weeks

When you provide, make sure to do the bonk amount in one transaction.

Starting date October 6th

End date for adding liquidity position is October 31th

NFT Amount Cap:

There will be 100 NFTs made & will be capped at this amount. If we don’t reach that many liquidity providers for this event, then the rest of the cards will be burned & never made again. …

The BONK token contract is relatively simple and easy to understand. In the following sections, it is explained in detail and step by step, so that everyone can verify it for themselves.

The official token contract can be found here and as a copy in the following section.

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The code begins with a version definition, which determines which Solidity version the smart contract is based on and thus which functions and libraries can be used.

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Next there is an interface “Callable”, which contains only one function. This function is the “tokenCallback” function and allows to check if a receiver of a transaction containing data (e.g. …


BONK Token

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