Life outside of college will not have trigger warning.
Lawrence Pellino

Perhaps you missed one of the points in the article. The people with triggers, for the most part, aren’t expecting or demanding them; they’re asking pretty please, and furthermore are doing so only when prompted by the writer. (Perhaps a separate argument is whether they should be proactively requesting, or demanding as a right.) I am not a recovering alcoholic and can’t speak to their experience, but I imagine that if I were, I certainly would ask close friends and family to be empathetic enough to refrain around me, or at least not to cc me on an invitation to a pubcrawl. But I also might be shy about volunteering to every stranger, “Hi, I’m a recovering alcoholic, and it might make my life a lot easier if you didn’t offer me a drink,” and might appreciate someone saying “Hi, is there anything I should know that would make your life easier?”

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