Hi Bonni.
Kristen Truempy

Kristen, thanks for your response. A lot of us actually struggle with this reading-to-write issue on regular basis, and a lot of brainstorms are definitely being made. Proposed solutions usually range from reading lists to group sharing sessions to one-on-one story analysis and development sessions.

I am never aware, however, of any tests to find out the efficiency of these solutions. This seems like an obvious idea, once you mention it. There has been research on reading and writing, but these are mostly under the K-12 educational context and not under the creative writer’s personal career development context.

I can see a few reasons for it, the first being that it would be very difficult to find a baseline of research across multiple works and multiple subjects. But I do also suspect that a degree of elitism on the part of the educators — editors and literary professors, mostly — plays its perhaps toxic part, with each party claiming they have the best methods.

I do think a more scientific approach is in order. Thanks for keeping the conversation going.