We Are Not Hearing the Truth About Aleppo and Syria: Running Toward War

With increased bombing, inflamed rhetoric rising on all sides and open talk of using nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future, I started digging for a more accurate assessment of the situation in Syria. The dense fog around this war being generated by the powers that be is unprecedented; earlier attempts at understanding the players and dynamics had me signing off in frustration. Yesterday, though, I began to locate some credible sources. The depth of deception being practiced on the American people makes the run up to the Iraq War seem like an exercise in transparency. And nuclear weapons are on the table.

Vanessa Beeley is a British journalist who has spent many years investigating Gaza and Syria. Unlike most Western journalists, she actually travels through the countries she is reporting on, speaking to the people, investigating on the ground. She has just returned from Syria and was interviewed yesterday on The Ron Paul Liberty Report. She explains the current situation in Aleppo, and reveals how reporting is being manipulated to raise hysteria in the West, particularly America. Most damningly, though, she discusses the rise and true role of the White Helmets, the alleged Syrian Civil Defense organization which has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She’s an engaging, credible speaker — worth your time to watch. You can also find her writings, including many interviews with Syrian people here.

It was watching this episode of Crosstalk that prompted me to write this diary. The language they are using to describe the situation is downright frightening — not inflammatory, just informing: At the end of the cabinet meeting where Obama adopted the recent ceasefire, Ash Carter and the uniformed military officer stood, and Carter said, “We’ll see if we’re going to implement it. We don’t really agree with it.” This is rank insubordination. And the fact that within days, US forces had killed 62 Syrian soldiers, effectively sabotaging the ceasefire, makes it abundantly clear that Obama is no longer in charge of the Pentagon. Russia knows this. The UK knows this. The American people do not. My question is: Is the Pentagon already answering to Hillary or simply acting in the knowledge that she will not prosecute them for insubordination?

This last one is the least exciting, but broadly informative. Members of the US Peace Council and allies travelled to Syria this summer where they met with many Syrians from both civilian life and the government, including Assad. They stayed in Damascus, but felt assured that they were getting a representative enough view of the country. This is video of the press conference they held, to an audience of eight people, at the UN.

I believe of all the crises that are pressing on us, the situation in Syria is the most acutely urgent. In addition to all the money and material support we have been providing to terrorists (oops!), we ‘may’ now have U.S. military boots on the ground in Northern Aleppo. Russia is bombing Eastern Aleppo ahead of Syrian forces seeking to rout the terrorist forces there. If America has, indeed, been trying to start a hot war with Russia, we have never been closer than this in my lifetime.

This is my first real diary anywhere (and now my first crosspost), and I don’t know how to embed video, but I urge you to follow the links and watch these speakers for yourselves. I remain surprised at how I’m finding credibility on both the ‘far right’ and ‘far left’ ends of the reporting world. All of these were posted in the last two days; this is timely reporting, on an urgent matter.

If you’ve found this worth your time, please share, educate, inform.

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