It’s Time for a Common Sense Approach to the Sex Offender Registry
Brent Crowson

It is like the woman accused of adultery who is being brought to Jesus to “punish” and everyone waiting to join in by stoning her. From someone who was sexually abuse by a family member, who protected me? Where was the list that was to “protect” me? My point is, we can label everyone and all their sins (don’t forget our own sins) to protect everyone from everyone but what would that solve? It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves, family members, and friends. We shouldn’t rely on a list and excuse our responsibilities. I’m not excusing sex offenders nor am I saying to be relaxed in the idea of a sex offender in your neighborhood but like everywhere else, you watch your children, educate your children, and create a communicative dialog with them. Being a Program Manager for helping those overcome childhood sexual abuse, the words I hear the most was as a child they felt they couldn’t tell, weren’t allowed to tell, afraid to tell, told they were lying, or it got worse because they told. They lost their voice. We are ready to blame and label, yet we are not ready to educate and set our children for success. Maybe what we should be doing is creating a list for success and awareness than a list of sex offenders.

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