Bonnie Bruderer
Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Move Out The Way! Curvy Girls Aren’t Here To Play!

There was a time where plus size women were not merely appreciated as they are now. We are coming a long way! Can you believe that we are being picked for top model agencies and campaigns?

Slowly but surely more high fashion has been adding bigger sizes to their collection. Little boutiques to big shops have sizes now ranging from medium to 5xl!

Millions have joined a movement of what we call body positivity. It means exactly that, to be positive about your body. No more nitpicking and trying to get “summer body” ready! We are striving for overall better health and true happiness. Your waist doesn’t have to be 12 inches, you just need to be healthy.

Loving yourself and loving your body is never a process that comes overnight. It will take time for you to accept that this size is where you are in life. However, exuding a sense of confidence will attract great people to you. It’s a real wake up call to most people when you show up with your head high. They know you’re sure of yourself and their opinion is not needed.

Women no longer have to be ashamed of calling themselves curvy or plus-size. When more women come out and say “Hey, I’m going to love my body with confidence!” then makes it easier for other women to do so and that’s where impact comes from.

That’s why “Curvy Girls” on Binge Networks is a channel to keep your eye on. Curvy Girls does exactly what other channels don’t and that’s feature all women of different races and backgrounds who share their stories about loving who they are.

To see their videos about how they overcame their feelings of doubt and insecurities, it truly moves you. It just makes you want to walk down the street with a two piece bikini on, smiling with joy. Yes, that’s how empowered you feel!

You must check out their channel here:

Get ready to feel empowered, beautiful, and free of doubt.