mediaThe Back Story of INFLUENCER

Bonnie Bruderer
Mar 17 · 1 min read

Before we get into the “back story”….. and what occurred while filming this movie. I wanted to share my fav. thing about it.

Now that all is said and done, I think it has to be the movie poster.

Why? Many reasons. The first is I believe the “#” says it all. So much of our day (if we are social media users) is represented by the “#”. It is a way to share what we think, feel, love and believe in.

It is also a way to connect with others with others who share those same things.

But…my absolutely favorite part is that if you look closely, this # is made up of literally thousands and thousands of images of the influencers that appear in the film. Many of the images were taken “on set” during the filming.

This was Avi Federgreen idea and I think it is the perfect representation of many little things, coming together to create one big thing.

What do you think? Watch now at:

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