Bonnie Bruderer
Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

This Is Life With Deborah

There is so much money being made when people get sick! How sad is that? Every day we see more and more commercials about products that can fix this and that but then the side effects can almost kill you. What about the commercials that prey on the weak promoting false claims about healing thousands of people. It’s really gotten out of hand.

That’s why people who genuinely share something that has helped them it is always appreciated. Life is precious, it’s worth more than any piece of gold or silver. I’m surprised it literally doesn’t cost to smile and breathe. A lot of shows, channels, and overall content has some type of monetary goal. Money is needed but it shouldn’t be the overall endpoint to all projects being produced. People need help, you need help. What if someone charged you a penny everytime they uplifted you or gave you some advice. Content creators rarely actually take people feelings into consideration, but when they do you know it’s genuine.

That’s why the channel ”Life With Deborah” from Binge Networks is on the top ten list of greatest channels. Deborah is so nice and heartwarming. All her videos are a breath of fresh air. Even the name of the channel is genuine. She could’ve easily put something more attention striking like ”Heal Today” or ”Change Your Life” but instead it’s personal. Her name is being used as if your just taking a journey with her to a better life. Her channel gives you the best advice and content in a nice time limit. Our attention span is decreasing and lots of people click off videos after 60 seconds. So her videos are genuine but to the point.

You can check it out here:

We’ll be staying update, her content is a one of a kind.