Why Content Creators Should Have a Subscription Based Channel

Bonnie Bruderer
Jan 21 · 2 min read

With the rules in constant flux on most social media outlets changing by the day, content creators are learning that the more diversification you can have with your content, the better off you are.

Monetizing your content is also of the upmost importance, especially with the ad revenue game changing all of the time, and the attention span of the viewer pulled in so many different directions.

With the current state of media, and the ever increasing popularity of the OTT world, subscription based channels are the way to go for the serious content creators.

The challenge is that is is a very tricky endeavor to start to charge people, on a platform that they have previously been watching your content for free on.

This is where networks like BINGE Networks come in. They have a very unique offering in that they distribute content on OTT and Smart TV Outlets, all over the world. They allow content creators to reach these new audiences on televisions, mobile devices and desktops, all over the globe. From yoga, to cooking, series you would binge on, movies and more, creators are flocking to BINGe to monetize their content.

How does it work, you simply set the fee to charge each month, upload your content and they do the rest, sending you a generous check for 70% of the content sales.

Heading into this next generation of consumable media, you won’t want to miss the Smart TV Boat. You can lear more at bingechannels.com

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