Lessons from Cpeople

CEO of Second Cup, Alix Box, on how to deliver the hard news without damaging morale and hope:

What I’ve found works is telling people why things have to happen and involving them in the solution.

How do you do that?

We asked people at the director level to lead the reorganization instead of making it an executive, top-down process. If you treat people like they’re partners, they’ll usually help come up with solutions. It’s when you don’t include them that they get disengaged. For e.g. they came to me and told me what they thought we should do.

Bharat Masrani, CEO of TD Bank:

A company’s success is largely driven by 2 underlying traits:

  • adaptability: be able to adapt to changing circumstances
  • focus on people: invest in their people, giving them the right training and tools so they can innovate, add value and become leaders of the future.

source: Canadian Business Jan 2015

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