Louis C.K. and Donald Trump = Genius
Matt Ridings

I’m new, and this message is meant for Mr. Ridings, In regards to your post on Trump, I’ll refrain from anything but the one really big ‘fact’ that you have so wrong that if it stands in your mind, you’re unlikely to be able to make sense of any of all this crap. I’m not for anyone, and being a gringa that’s been out of the country for more than a decade, and that leaves me just shaking my head in amazement and horror sometimes. I get to speak with a lot of tourists from the U.S., often cause they can’t speak whatever language is being used,and speaking English real loud doesn’t work, so I get called in to interpret. I always ask them one question that was in many, if not most worldwide press. I ask them to tell me what the Smith-Mundt Act is, and how serious it’s repeal is to them. And 100% of the time get blank stares. Guys cutting sugarcane have most likely heard or seen it if they have enough money for a TV or time and interest to read a paper. But I’m yet to find a gringo that has more than a shrug in them, even when I explain. It’s maddening. And your John McCain comment. You’re so so wrong I can’t let you ruin your life with that planted in between those ears of yours. John McCain was never tortured, the only ‘broken body’ he suffered and/or suffers from, is his keeping his record as a terrible pilot intact till that final ejection. That’s where he broke both arms, failing once again to be able to follow basic procedures for using the seat. Sukhoi and Migs have systems that hold the pilots arms and legs in tight against the body. But McCain, though he’d been trained and had lots of crashing practice before the last one. And he was spilling his guts in the truck taking him to the prison, crying and begging not to be tortured. Which is why his NVA captors called him ‘songbird’. And, maybe it was his father or maybe it was Kissinger that kept him on ice those extra years. I once saw him say that Kissinger had ‘saved his honor’. Not in relation to Nam, he didn’t elaborate. He made more than 30 videos denouncing the U.S. which were shown to other prisoners to crack their resolve and/or strength. And why he had a one man brigade to bury all POW information, including the possible hundreds still unaccounted for. Families that tried to get into records were scorned, insulted and tortured by him, and his hiding everything, just to make sure he was covered, very likely cost God knows how many other people their lives. John McCain is lower than scum, and if the U.S. was just a shadow of the myth, he would have been hung or still be rotting in Leavenworth. Check it out yourself if you don’t believe what is apparently your first real ‘fact’ about him. He even stole, almost word for word, parts of Solzhenitsyn book on the gulag to make up a nice tear jerking lie in his own ‘book’.

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