The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

Points taken! However, one of the biggest problems I see is that there is a large percentage of people with certain political views that refuse to believe absolute FACTS. These aren’t opinions, but actual measurable facts. Another group clings to a belief system that is based not on facts, but beliefs that are not supported by any physical evidence. When a person identifies themselves as part of those groups it makes it difficult to accept anything they say as being reasonable. However, your point is well taken — and I’ve been as guilty as anyone. I will now pause and think more before posting on certain topics. My husband did show me a video about fracking, for example, and it raised some valid points. However, after contemplating it, I still fall on the side of being against that practice. I will try to listen more to the info from other viewpoints, and not simply re-post things that are self-congratulatory.

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