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Seattle Musicians Communicate Your Feelings of Love and Insecurity This Valentine’s Day

Fly Moon Royalty

The Story” — Brandi Carlile (alternative country/folk rock)

If you’re deeply in love and aren’t afraid to say it.

Lyric: “I was made for you.”

Carlile’s deep and gentle rasp builds into an astonishing and soaring height. This song is confident and straightforward, and wears its heart on its sleeve.

Sky & Sea” — Alice Howe (folk)

If you feel like this is the first time.

Lyric: “I dove deep into you, hoped I’d find something true.”

The warmth and clarity of Howe’s voice invites you to relax, and the piercing accessibility of her lyrics is a modern anthem for the ways we pursue meaning through relationships.

Existinct” — THEESatisfaction (r&b)

If you’ve seen the highs and lows, and choose love anyway.

Lyric: “We can embrace love or turn it away.”

An unsettling mix of percussion and vocals, “Existinct” that remind us that love is rarely comfortable and always worthwhile.

So Far Away” — Mary Lambert (r&b/pop)

If you’re missing someone far away.

Lyric: “Slide my hands across the sheet, pretend you’re there.”

Lambert’s articulation and gorgeous, high vibrato express the triumphs and doubts that come with the territory of long-distance relationships.

The Birthday Song” — Fly Moon Royalty (electro soul)

If you’re flying solo but have your eye on someone.

Lyric: “I thought I’d come over and holler at you, and you can just say no, I won’t tell you what to do.”

Adra Boo and Action J combine forces on this optimistic and easygoing tune that sounds like it came straight out of the ’60s with perky xylophone, tambourine and smooth soul chords.

Easy Baby” — La Luz (surf/doo woop)

If you’re counting on your coy aloofness to draw them in.

Lyric: “I wasn’t lonely, I was okay. It’s not like my heart stopped as soon as you turned away.”

Enchanting and haunting, this slow surfer girl love song is a surprisingly delightful ballad to all the times we wish we understood love better.

22 (You’ve Got Me Undone)” — Shelby Earl (indie rock)

If you’re seeing someone who blows your mind, in and out of bed.

Lyric: “You’ve got a way for someone still so young, and I can’t get you off my mind or off my tongue.”

Earl’s inviting, classic rock tone has notes of coy flirtation and vulnerability. If you’re infatuated and saturated with that special someone, this is the song for you.

Feelin’ That” — V. Contreras (alternative soul)

If you’re sexy and you know it.

Lyric: “I can’t think of a good reason we should be wearing clothes.”

This song oozes sex appeal and confidence. High powered vocals in combination with catchy rhythmic tricks make “Feelin’ That” a perfect invitation to get down and dirty.

Never Change” — Choklate (neo-soul)

If you’re in a long-term relationship, trying to keep the flame alive.

Lyric: “Keep lovin’ me, keep tuggin’ at my heartstrings.”

Choklate’s vocals in combination with good ol’ classic soul beats deliver an enticing balance of check-out-my-sexy-body and ooh-baby-let’s-pay-bills-together. Guaranteed to motivate your partner to treat you nice.

Nervous Wreck” — Sera Cahoone (country/indie rock)

If you’re recently partnered and need some psyching up.

Lyric: “I’ll be alright but I’m a nervous wreck.”

Playful banjo and Cahoone’s easeful vocals provide an infectious energy. “Nervous Wreck” is good mental preparation for your big date, or an endearing choice for a break-the-ice song. Bonus points for an adorable music video including same-sex couples.




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Bonnie J. Stinson

Bonnie J. Stinson

Experience Designer. Master of Digital Media. Toronto / Seattle / earth.

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