What is an Intuitive Reading?

Bonnielee Cuevas
Jan 30, 2018 · 2 min read
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Intuitive readings are sessions you have with a professional reader. Typically readers are also healers that come from all walks of life. Healers can be Life Coaches, Psychics, Shamans, or Teachers. Healers are people that have a greater understanding of the energy around us and its powerful effect in our lives. They are also empathic, meaning they are able to understand and share others feelings on a much deeper level. The gift of healing is one that is studied on different levels and no healer will be the same. They will come from different backgrounds, education, and experiences that have led them to this incredible art, the gift of healing, the power of reading.

An intuitive reading will vary depending on who you have the session with and what the intention of that session is. These readings can be emotional. There is processing, releasing and the exchange of powerful energies. It is mental, physical and emotional. It is metaphysical. It is cathartic just as much as it is clarifying by helping you focus on your purpose. This is vastly different than a psychic reading. The sessions are led by the professional you choose. The professional reader leads the session intuitively. It is very individualized. Intuitive readers do not read the future. Instead, they read a person’s energy, which is why you will find that the majority of readers are very empathic.

Intuitive readings are sacred and incredibly spiritual. A professional reader will always recommend that you do not drink before as session and they will most likely have you reschedule if you find yourself sick right before your meeting, as illness can affect energy and impact your session. These readings provide you an in-depth look at your soul’s journey and your life path. Your reader will always encourage you to look to your own power and harness it to help you access your divine inner knowing. Readers are not there to fix you, they are there to empower you. A good professional reader is a healer with a gift to access extra-sensory information. A reader will always make you a priority it is not about their gift, it is about the healing and empowerment they help you find within yourself.

Intuitive readings can seem strange or off-putting. These sessions are just like a session with a trusted advisor, a friend or a pastor. They are not to be feared, they are enlightening. They come from a place of love and love brings forth the light. Seek a professional reader, a healer that makes you feel like they will uplift you. A great reader will help you tap into the wisdom that lies within yourself to help you reach your fullest potential.

Bonnielee Cuevas

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Healer, Creatrix. Storyteller. Wanderer. Host of the Untamed W/Bonnielee Podcast. Empowering You to Heal, Evolve & Live Untamed. Info: linktr.ee/bonnieleecuevas

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