It Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Does it smell like teen spirit grandma?


Our teenage generation is known for alcohol, drugs and sex. Nothing else.

What do you think when you see a group of shady clothed teenagers walking around town?

You think “Oh god that teenage generation is horrendous, always up to no good. They are clearly ruining their life.”

That’s our teen spirit, it’s supported by the teenagers and down played by those boring adults in the older generation; a couple of years older.

We all seem like fools to others that don’t understand, because us girls have our cleavage slightly hanging out and some boys sag their trousers, we are taken as horny fucked up teenagers that are ruining their lives, right?

Us girls that are worrying about the attention, wearing tank tops and short shorts for summer are mistaken for filthy, thirsty sluts looking for attention from horny boys. Nice one.

Some boys are sagging their trousers and selling drugs for a living to survive and are mistaken for dangerous thugs that should be 100% avoided. Right?

Boys that simply like talking to multiple girls as friends because they feel appreciated and popular are mistaken for ‘fuckboys’ and girls should stay far, far away from them unless they want their hearts broken.

Fuck your older, boring generation. We’re living how we want. We don’t need some boring old hags telling us we are a waste of space and that we are “ruining our lives”. Some teens suffer from manic depression and moderate anxiety and extreme eating disorders as we are told we aren’t good enough. But yet again, no one really cares. If your image is simply not good enough, then you are not good enough. Simple as that. That’s what they say and want us to think. Which is why we turn to sex, alcohol and drugs to help us through it but yet again we are judged because “why the fuck are you using drugs to ruin your life?”. Always the same old thing, so us teens are never appreciated because it seems like everything we do is either for attention, to cause trouble or to be cool! Right?


Yes. Some parts are right. Some teens are turning to bad habits to ruin their already messed up lives, but that’s better than suicide right?


Yes some girls feel better when boys are all over them, and they feel loved but hey, at least that’s better than insecure skinny girls with eating disorders and self-harming problems. Right?


Wild guess, but I’m guessing each generation is different. :)

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