The Saddest Of All.

I’ve come to a conclusion that perhaps the saddest of all are those who spend their lives waiting for someone they’re not even sure exists.

Let me elaborate a little…

The person that sits alone everyday waiting and waiting for the moment that special someone will waltz into their life and change it immediately is most definitely the saddest of them all, and I don’t mean “lol gay, ur so sad” type of sad, I mean “crying yourself to sleep every night and a foolish smile” kind of sad. The lonely kind of sad. The sad kind of sad.

The reason they’re the saddest of the saddest if they do this is because these people are actually waiting for the moment that might never come, they’re imagining all of these scenarios and imagining this person that will never be real/that might not even exist only in their mind.

And actually waiting for something that will absolutely, most definitely never ever happen is devastatingly sad. For those waiting and for those witnessing it.

What’s also sad is that they don’t know it will never happen… In their minds, they’re thinking…”Gosh one day…” “I can’t wait to meet you”. Damn it that’s sad that they don’t even know!!!!

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