They Will Never Stop Disappointing You.

People nowadays are relying on each other and for what?

All that happens when you truly rely on a specific person is you get let down and I have been let down before, trust me IT SUCKS.

Us humans are always expecting the best and sometimes receiving the worst out of a person, we get our hopes as high as a kite and once that trust is broken and you get let down and left all alone by another human… Well it can get you super low, as low as an underground mole.

Sometimes people can surprise you when they don’t leave and they stick though with you and they earn your trust. Even if it is the slightest, smallest favour they will be there and help you. I guess once you find that one special person that is worth it, well that’s when you know that you are worth it and it can be the best feeling in the world.

I haven’t found that person yet…I hope I do. I’m a sagittarius and I cannot handle being unloved and alone, I get so down so yep I guess you could say it sucks for me when I put trust on someone and they drop it like it is no big fucking deal.

Lesson of the day: Never disappoint someone.

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