Tell Me What You Did Today and I’ll Tell You Who You Are
Benjamin P. Hardy

Benjamin, very thought provoking and motivating! Unfortunately many today give bad and misleading advice, so I don’t feel that I have sabotaged my life when I don’t have enough information to make a choice and guesses don’t always turn out well! While it may appear people are doing this, it doesn’t mean they have “identity confusion”. They actually may be recovering from being victimized, which just means they were done wrong. It can be challenging coming out of an abusive relationship, financial ruin, loss of job, health etc. This is my help for you since the more I read the more focused ideas I received. Your “Getting out of Survival Mode” has many ways of planning out your day — something I used to be better at. It will be a good resource to refer to, although, I don’t know how long it would take for me to hold a plank 15 minutes!

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