Does Crowdfunding Breed Angel Investors?
Does Crowdfunding Breed Angel Investors?
Marcello E. Miranda

There’s a First Time for Everything

You pose an interesting question Marcello. I’m curious how many people who invest via an equity crowdfunding portal do have direct contact with startup CEOs they invest in (and maintain that contact) as well as how many people go on to invest directly in companies after making their first investment via a portal.

I manage Pique Fund, an inclusive angel fund, and know that for at least two of our investors, their investment in Pique Fund was their first private investment. They then went on to make other investments in private investments after getting their feet wet with Pique Fund.

For people that don’t get pitched face-to-face, don’t negotiate deal terms, and maybe do only limited due diligence, equity crowdfunding may be more akin to being a new public capital market — finding itself somewhere between angel investing and the public stock market.