BoltBus Redesign

Bonnie Chen
Jan 3 · 3 min read

I started the process by following my curiosity. “How does Bolt bus make money?” I set to find out with the resources at my disposal

Preliminary Research

a Google search that gets distilled into the following notes…

Next Up: The Dissecting of the Current State of the Site

with the intention of studying the mechanics of the site, separating it’s visual design from its features and functionality

with these notes in mind… i translate them into actions, ways to apply these observations and findings into applicable product notes

i then go through, bullet point by bullet, asking and answering as many “why” questions as possible. my intent, as a designer, is to realize and resolve user needs preemptively.

from the process, i distill that step 1 can be classified as the “user input” stage. the following screenshots are is the thought and note taking process that helped me arrive at this conclusion:

Step 1 (The UX of User Input) Notes:

taking a break from wireframing to test some interaction “hypotheses”

more explorations on the specific mechanisms of the homepage. notably: 1. how to accommodate for special needs passengers? 2. distinguishing yet consistent inputs between a round and one way trip

ixd result of 1. roundtrip / one way 2. date picker 3. passenger / special needs functionality

Step 2(The UX of User Input) Notes:

after step 1 has been completed by the user, in order to build a great user experience, aka trust, the product must output a return. the user is performing a search in this instance, looking for the following pieces of information: • ticket availability (time) • cost to complete the following action: • purchase ticket

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