This was an incredibly accurate look at the costs of rape or attempted rape for the victim in…
Lara Littlefield

Thank you for sharing your story. I too went through a simular situation, but I chose to report it. You are correct on so many angles. I waited 2 days to report. I was embarrassed and in denial. I quit my job (yes, it was my employer at the time) but he, a trusted doctor in the community, said he fired me. It then became a questionable “accusation” on my part. It seemed I was going after him in retaliation. Of course not at all true. The detective believed my story, but nothing could be proven at that point. They still wire tapped my phone, I still went into an emotional roller-coaster each time the phone rang. Then the nightmares began.

Living in the same area, I was in constant fear that I would see him again. It affected me on so many levels repeatedly. Only one who has experienced the same trauma would understand. I could not find another job for several months.

So interesting to see a dollar amount added to the personal loss of trust and self doubt. All the other emotions are difficult to explain. I always wondered what I did, and what I could have done differently. Self doubt eats away at your soul.

You are very brave to push through and now be able to speak of it in terms having an amount of personal empowerment. Bravo!