And so it goes like this, we have new generations and new spoilers. The world in chaos, some call it advancing, some call it wrecking. Telephones and letters dead, pure and innocent gone, imaginations and dreams spoiled. All we talk about is war, crimes, diseases, hunger, massacre, vengeance and the tomorrow that never seem to arrive. Let’s pause and stare, let’s stop and think. Celebrities and delusional love are what’s driving any and every mundane forward. What happened to traditions? What happened to social basics? What happened to sit on rooftops counting stars? What happened to play grounds? What happened to all the little things in life?

Instead of being meticulous about every little wrong or judging anything and everything with a glance, shouldn’t we just love someone? I mean, do you want to be building bombs that would take away somebody’s home or do you want to be the one to build their sunshine? As the saying goes ‘you can’t love anyone unless you love yourself’, maybe if giving love is something we are incapable of; why not work on it first rather than killing love in the name of religion and twisted agendas.

Nowadays everyone is too busy selling something. Products, pain, sex, anger, gluttony, drugs and it can go on. The whole world turning into a market platform where you buy and sell anything.

The question is before you go to sleep; do you ever wonder who is going to be the one to teach your children about the etiquette and the essentials, who will teach them how to love? Beneath the mask and the layer, there is always a person who forgot how to love or was never loved. It’s not magic, I agree, happiness can be attained in many ways. Apparently, these days money seems to keep everyone at their happiest but the real scare is when you lay awake at two in the morning and think about all the little things in life, what you could’ve become or what you could’ve done. You then realize that what doesn’t kill you don’t make you stronger; it only turns your heart into a stone and keeps you cold.

Before you know it, you lose the people you love and the people who love you back. You forget the excitement you felt as a child when you bite into a frozen Popsicle, or what was it like to come and hug your mother after you had had a rough day at school. You forget all the small things you loved as a child because you turned into a man and you knew the world is cruel and unforgiving.

As Napoleon Hill quotes, ‘if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way’, so, what we need to ask ourselves is, are we doing enough or have we done enough. You know the answer. It’s never enough. But the good news is, it’s also never too late. I know we don’t have elixirs that we can drink and turn back the time; life isn’t a movie, of course, and nobody expects you to wear a uniform and bring changes in the world but why not start with something small like dance for world peace, or even dance like no one is watching, feel the joy in the way you want to. Recollect the moments that made you smile when you were at your worst. We all had days when we felt like a noose around our neck and unable to breathe. Yes, we don’t get everything we want in life; it’s all about making the most of whatever is in sight. So this message here is to remind you of what you already know that life is all about the little things and when you decide to let them in again, there you will find your bliss. Let little things take you over. You will see and I promise, the world will seem more colorful than it was yesterday. Spread the love.


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