• Pasta?
  • “Yes”
  • Cigarette?
  • “Sure”

(I haven’t seen you in a long time. How have you been and what’s happening in your life? I’m taking this moment to write down how I first felt when I found out I loved you. Remember the night we sat in a circle and had small talks. Your favourite tune came on and you got excited while I sang along to your song. Then you dropped your food on your shirt, you laughed and I helped you clean, that’s when I paused and looked right at you, your eyes and the laugh, pure and adorable. I silently told myself I could be with this person forever. I realised I loved you.

I’m sorry I never called you back. I’m sorry I never told you. You still have the same eyes and the sweetest smile. I know I’m probably the last person you’d want to hear from, but I wouldn’t be okay if I didn’t let you know. I would go back and make it perfect but you moved on and so did I. All the lies I told myself to feel better did not heal me. Im sorry I let you go…..)

  • Do want me drop you?
  • “No thanks, I had a great time. Lets do it again sometime. See you around”
  • Sure. Keep safe
  • “You too. I’m going now”
  • Sure ( please don’t leave)
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