Meet Bonpay Team

We couldn’t wait to introduce to you our team. So, here we are.

We believe that everything is possible to achieve if the occupation is really your passion. Blockchain is ours. We are striving to extend all users’ possibilities within Blockchain and spread the cryptocurrency usage.

By collecting experience through many years each member of our team has become a specialist in a certain industry, but every one of us is cryptocurrency enthusiast, who tries every day to deepen knowledge in this field.

Here is some detailed information about our core team members.

Our CEO is Alex Blazhevych. During his extensive working experience, Alex has become a great financial and business development specialist. He was a co-founder of P2P platform, which over time has reached a significant success regarding running business, innovations and revenue as well. Alex is passionate about the idea of financial freedom and encourages all the team by his enthusiasm.

Ones of the important persons in innovative companies are developers. In Bonpay the position of CTO is held by Oleg Boykov. Owing to Oleg’s considerable technological basis, he constantly generates creative, useful and workable technical solutions. His ideas are able to resolve any issue or obstacle we face. That’s why he has become our technical lead.

The most valuable result of all our efforts is our product. Here comes our CPO — Valentin Kaduchenko. He exerts every effort to make our service better for you in every aspect of its functionality, implementation and dissemination. Valentine is a multidimensional team member, who uses his unique engineer’s skills to develop ideas which are essential in achieving our goal. As a result, our service corresponds to a creative vision and implements innovative features.

Another vital part of our work lies on the financial side. Our financial expert occupying a post of CFO Julya Bashtannik assists us in coping with these issues. Through her broad experience in monetary systems and in-depth knowledge of international finance interaction, compliance and risks Julya develops a far-reaching and reasonable financial strategy of the company.

All members of our team are a part of our big family united by one inspired idea and moving towards one goal. We always welcome every new member to our community and are pleased to share our views.

You are the one, we’ve been waiting for, so, make a step towards reaching the financial freedom and join our Token Sale now.