Your art on the card!

Join Bonpay card design competition and win Bonpay special Black Card.

You are a designer, painter, artist or just have a great idea about card design? Want to promote yourself worldwide? Don’t know how?

Participate in Bonpay card design competition and have a chance to place your art on our special Black Card. All special Black card owners will be looking on your artwork while using the card. Isn’t that great?

Winner will get Bonpay special Black Card for free!*

What you get with special Black Card:

  • 0,15% cashback;
  • free one year card maintenance;
  • priority support service;
  • better fees;
  • low unlimited interbank exchange rate.

Here are some rules:

  • all arts should be in black or dark-grey colors;
  • design should contain Bonpay logo (leaf). You can find it here You are free to change the logo’s color;
  • images from participants should be in one of the following formats: eps, pdf, tiff, psd, ai (png, jpg is required for preview) and have a proper quality and resolution, 1016х638px minimum. Vector images are welcome;
  • submit your unique arts only, we may ask to provide proof of authorship to avoid any legal issues. Watermark is welcome.

Send your artworks to with the subject “Your art on the card”.

Competition starts on 16th of November and will last till 7th of December 2017.

Deadline for acceptance arts is 26th of November. Images sent after that date will not participate in the competition.

We will pick out 5 best arts and start the vote among our subscribers. The process will be shown on our Facebook page. Voting starts on 29th of November, last day of voting is 6th of December 2017. All the dates are specified according to the London time.

Winner’s design will be placed on all special Bonpay Black Cards and the name of the author will be shown on our website.

Good luck!

*participant from non-european countries will receive the card after it will be available for the country of the participant. All issues will be resolved individually.

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