Apple Pay, the next game changer

Bigger screens and Watches aside the biggest thing happening this winter is Apple Pay. We will look back at it with the same eyes as we look at the App Store. With a “Aaahh…”.

This is why.

When I got my first iPhone it was pretty awesome. And at the same time it was not. It took it about a year for it to become awesome, with the release of the App Store. Then the iPhone became the game changer we say it is today. Before that it was more or less just decent hardware in a sleek design. The app landscape of today was sa change we did not see or really noticed until we where in the middle of it. A game changer in retrospect.

Yupp, this is it!

Pretty soon you will feel the same about Apple Pay. Not the hype about its NFC enabled payments. Forget them, they just remove a minor inconvenience. But for web and app payments, it’s a game changer. Internet payments are one of the least convenient things you can do. It’s so frustrating that it in reality has slowed down the evolution of the internet for years.

Now image that payments becomes a “non issue”. Image everything you can build when payments becomes this, magical thing that just works. Now is the time when “uber for …” will explode and you will love it. It’s the next guld rush.

And exactly as for the App Store, the hard thing is figuring out what services will feel obvious a year from now. But one thing is sure.

Say welcome to some more of the future as it washes over you like a wave of awesome convenience. Soon you will look back and think “That! Was obvious”.